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Homebuyer Reports

What is a Homebuyer Report?

A Homebuyer Report, also known as a HomeBuyers Survey,  will advise you on any urgent building issues which will have an effect on the property value and will require further investigation or building works.  A HomeBuyer Report is produced to a standard format as specified by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

A HomeBuyer Report is preferable if you are purchasing a newly built home which is in a fairly reasonable condition.  The HomeBuyer Report will provide you with details  regarding the condition of the house which will help you to make an educated decision on either purchasing the property or looking for an alternative.

A Chartered Surveyor, who is a  highly qualified property expert,  will complete the HomeBuyer Report however they will only report on areas of the house that are visible so will not check wiring nor lift floors or floor coverings.

7 Reasons why our HomeBuyer Reports are the best money can buy


Plain English HomeBuyer Reports

We always produced our HomeBuyer Reports using plain English and jargon free to ensure you fully understand any property issues or characteristics.  Our HomeBuyer Surveyors have a common sense approach to writing HomeBuyer Reports and where any technical terms are used a full definition is always included.


Independent Surveyors

Our Building Surveyors are independent and are not owned by a bank, mortgage lender, estate agency etc.  We are 100% impartial working for you and only you with your best interests at heart.


Hundreds of HomeBuyer Report Photos

Whilst carrying out HomeBuyer Reports our Surveyors literally take hundreds of report photos.  Our Surveyors use the latest digital cameras and include many high resolution photos in our reports as well as aerial view 360 photos of areas that are at high level.  The photos are included in our HomeBuyer Reports together with detailed descriptions and sketches so that you are fully aware of any property problems.


Unique HomeBuyer Report Sketches

Included in all our HomeBuyer Reports are unique report sketches which we have had drawn exclusively for use in our reports.  The report sketches aid to explain property defects or features to ensure you have a full understanding of the property you are wishing to buy.


Hundreds of Free House Articles

Our Surveyors have been surveying houses for many, many years and have produced literally hundreds of articles to help you understand your house and any property issues.  If you are concerned about damp, cracking, asbestos, roof problems then take a look at our free house articles.  Click Here


Meet HomeBuyer Surveyor at house

We always recommend meeting with the Surveyor on the day of the HomeBuyer Report at the property.  Why?  You will be able to see and discuss any property issues and also talk about ideas as to how to alter the layout to maximise space or ideas for a future extension.


 HomeBuyer Reports Fast

Do you need to make a quick informed decision on your house move?  Our Surveyors will visit the property, carry out their inspection and  produce your HomeBuyer Report within a few days.  This will enable you to make the right decision for your new home.



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